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Low-cost housing can not be sublet
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Recently, high-tech zone, Yonghe apartment, held a low-rent housing Yaohao the election room, and has started to carry out the election room, with rent work. Hefei, construction and development of affordable housing to remind staff of the Centre, low-cost housing tenants are not allowed to lease the low-rent housing transfer, sublet, lend, exchange, and privately, the general public are advised not to sign any contract with the low-rent tenants. "Low cost housing tenants if the low-cost rental housing without authorization will be sublet, a serious violation of the provisions of low-rent housing management, will be severely dealt with, was to recover the housing, not only hurt their own interests, but also hurt the interests of the lessee." Center Wu Hao chief of low-rent housing management explained that, in dealing with violations sublet side, while low-rent housing recovery will inevitably harm the interests of the lessee, and lessee's interests can not be protected. Wu Hao hope that through this newspaper informed "non-low-rent housing tenants sublet, lent low-rent housing, but also hope that the public not to single low-cost housing." It is understood that, according to the relevant management methods, if false, deceptive low-cost housing for the information provided in the housing security by means of fraud, and unauthorized conduct of the renovation and expansion of low-rent housing, additions, alterations, changes in structure or housing use of nature, will also be eligible for cancellation of housing security, housing security exit.

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