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Look for the website programming that has experience personnel!
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"Do not know whether after resting with you! Expect ~ of your advent ~ ~"

Because stand originally former technology is far already marry fasten the home, this station stationmaster is being searched now appropriate " spouse " , because Hefei hires room net to admit need, seek now capable personnel of senior website technology (slant website tiring-room programming personnel) match " spouse " !

The requirement is as follows:

1, the age is in ~ is 35 26 years old years old of males between (if the female is quite outstanding person Yi Ke considers) , moral quality is good, can cooperate with the person!

2, personality is hopeful and outgoing, mix to Internet rent a house kind the website is having deep interest, annals is engaged in Internet worker for a long time, (had better be to have Internet poineering intention, having steady work and income at present, enough time can hold two or more posts concurrently pursue website design, but the personage that hopes future can do bit of major issue) .

3, have advantage of website tiring-room technology, the relevant language that perfectness website platform builds (the correlative character that designs like the website such as Sql, Asp, Php) ;

4, have be engaged in the working experience that the website designs 3 years of above, had better be to successful commercial website builds experience.

This station is to seek strategic partner, if you are the personnel of the following type: Bearing is bad, cannot cooperate with other, love takes small advantage, without Internet poineering hobby, inexperienced, without technical capability, Invite Wu trouble, thank!

If not be, the welcome adds QQ first: 164057315 fine talk make clear: Hefei hires room net!

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