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1620 sets of low-rent housing in Xi an began
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Yesterday a reporter learned from the City Housing Authority, December 16, 17, II and I in our city Wang Yang Chuang formally Shiwupeizu low-rent housing, the scene will be 摇号 the way home from the 1832 finalists were selected 1620 lucky family. The low-rent housing Shiwupeizu in Shaanxi Province, thousands of women and children Hall Sports Centre is divided into four groups of families applying for Shiwupeizu 摇号. Applicants should bring my ID card, copy, and "distribution of family information confirmation." If the number drawn by the client to participate, applicants are required to carry original identity card, a copy of the original client ID card, a copy of "Power of Attorney" and "distribution of family information confirmation." For minors, orphans or mental disability, the applicant shall be guardian to participate in pumping number, applicants are required to carry original identity card, copy of ID card original guardian, a copy of "guardian proof" and "distribution of family information confirmation" . King of low-cost housing area I Baqiao District seat in Subdistrict Wang, construction area of 53,000 square meters, there are 6 build 1092 low-rent housing units. Yangjiazhuang low-cost housing area Phase II construction area of 2.8 million square meters, construction of 528 low-rent housing. After a rigorous review and publicity after the 1832 low-income families are short-listed to participate in low-rent housing Shiwupeizu. It is understood that this year the city added protection of low-rent housing rental subsidies for households 3089, total protection of the current number of households has reached 20,017, to further expand the coverage of low-rent housing.

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