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Carry out not quite thoroughly? Why was price fixing room won acclaim
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Before two days are away on official business go ministry of building of project carry out looks, casual a person that hear to buy a house say, present bridal chamber is too expensive, it is bit better to take these moneys to buy an a sector of an area actually secondhand the room is pretty good also. This problem after coming back stays in brain all the time, to those people that have housing demand, face house price upsurge all the way should take the fund that buys bridal chamber to buy secondhand room?

Secondhand house price approachs bridal chamber

Although estate market gets policy the impact is bigger, but its price still basically decides with supply demand relations. It is with Shijiazhuang of Heibei provincial capital exemple: This year the beginning of the year up to now Shijiazhuang town new building dish open quotation amount is limited, the amount that builds commodity house cannot be satisfied far accept numerous demand, add tear open change, marry etc having number of rigid housing demand still more, make the person buy a house that many urgent need that use a room must change direction secondhand room market, bring about current and secondhand house price rises considerably, the price has been approached build value of commodity room room.

And, bridal chamber and secondhand the price between the room gets mutual effect, of bridal chamber price rising ceaselessly also is to cause secondhand one of reasons that the room rises in price. Arrive from last year this year of house price rise quickly, make a part secondhand room hold person produced psychology of cherish carry out, affected secondhand of the room trade the volume rises, the price is climbed litre.

Secondhand room market is to alleviate the important way of house property problem

current house property market, of house price rise the mood that let a lot of people produce dissatisfaction to house property industry, although macroscopical adjusting control of the government is done not have all the time lax but the effect all can not be like person meaning. Add recent stock market to answer lukewarm, bank to add the effect of the incident such as breath, originally unpredicatable house property market appeared a few new change, be similar to phenomenon of the demote below the quantity clinchs a deal to make consumer was anounced to house property market inside temporary fatigued and weak, certain period more wait-and-see look. Analyse the problem that appears in the market, prime cause is not had outside the chain reaction that the unbalance of supply and demand on the market causes, add sky of big city house buy rate is high, the waste of the partial housing resource that cause, people wants to buy appropriate house more not easy. The existence that is this kind of contradiction just caused house price stand high above the masses, also be secondhand room market trades offerred " hotbed " .

Undeniable, adjust the solvency that market contradiction wants to rely on market itself after all, although the government spends energy of much manpower material resources,try manual control, the effectiveness that develops also is finite only. structure of current house property market, what once be built,mature is secondhand room market can increase building supply amount not only, alleviate tense supply demand relations, OK also certain to existing housing construction generation adjustment action. Visible, secondhand room market trades to have definite real possibility not only, also be to alleviate the important way of the problem that house property market exists.
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