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House price continues to climb litre, the government fears having power capable
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For the Chinese dweller that to raise one's head and look expectation house price drops, reality is brutal undoubtedly: Change according to Chinese hair appoint 70 when announced a few days ago big in index of urban house sale price shows, the house price that rises continuously not only did not give now to fall, and continue to climb litre: Before this year 4 months, build commodity housing sale price to go up in 6.0% or so wave motion, among them, will build commodity housing sale price to rise compared to the same period April 5.3% , and annulus comparing rises 0.7% , go up than going up the month is 0.2 tall percent.

Nevertheless, to the Chinese dweller that will drop in price of house of future of the hope in despair, 10 years of future in it seems that more brutal however: The 2 messages that come from Ministry of Education say last week, number of recruit students of countrywide average college signing up exceeds 10 million first this year, achieve the history new tall.

Sign up two problems that entering number of the university entrance exam and Chinese house price is a be totally unrelated it seems that apparently, but concerning bothly in fact is very closely associated with each other however. Exceed examinee of the university entrance exam of 10 million China, basic it is 19 years old of right-and-left adolescent, no matter these students can be taken an examination of entirely,attend a college, but they will be in prospective 1-4 year the labour market that enters China, and 6-10 after year, these people will enter marriage age, and change a course as Chinese city, the great majority of these philtrum will be centered in Chinese city henceforth, supporting the demand of Chinese room city thereby.

What make a person depressed more is, according to Ministry of Education Dai Jiagan of exam center director introduces, the examinee number that joins the university entrance exam next year will continue possibly refresh the record this year. Same argument, these people are 2-5 the labour market is entered entirely after year, 7-11 enters comfortable marriage age after year.

If date from China signs up since 2002 the number that joins the university entrance exam, the result makes a person brokenhearted more probably. The whole nation attended number of the university entrance exam signing up to be 5.27 million person only 2002, and climbed to 6.13 million person however 2003, rise to 2004 to 7.23 million person, jumped 2005 for 8.67 million person, and was as high as 9.5 million person 2006, eliminate repeats calculative all previous unripe, enter oneself for an examination in recent years the number still is a year a step. Although next year China attends the wave crest that the examinee of the university entrance exam will be the last few years, but after this also won't drop abruptly for certain.

Can imagine, be in at present of black prime of life " obtain employment height " far before coming, house price of China has been pushed weigh high to what cannot bear, and once these population enter a labour market, of Chinese house price drop the space will be sealed dead for certain, although at present house price of China has been everybody,cry dozen.
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