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40% with contrast of 5% investment return rate 5 adults wish to change show hous
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On May 18, the Central Bank adds the hammer of breath the 6th times to fall calm. Announce to add the first after cease and raising deposit reserve to lead to trade at the same time in the Central Bank day, shanghai is deep point to face interest empty news to innovate again unexpectedly tall. That day, the stock market closes with 4048 bits dish. Although add breath early-warning to ring early, the expert analyses the stock market bitingly to be not reason to rise is the Central Bank is added interest is the directest because of,move, however value since 2006 all the way violent wind rises, still make the enthusiasm of stock market epigone rising be blocked hard. Will be on May 18 likewise, in the country trade holds this year first secondhand on room Fair, "Catenary home is landed " investigation data shows, the Lv of consumer unified exam of 47.7% changes house property now, throw the stock market next.

Does the stock market invest a crowd to have how old appeal after all to building city? Taking this one issue, " building city " the reporter is interviewed investigated many investment objective and job wife person.

40% with contrast of 5% investment return rate

In the country trade in cafes, li Lin is right " building city " the experience that the reporter told about him to invest city of the stock market, building in recent years.

"2004, my job brings Jiangsu into play, whether future answers Beijing and do not decide. Accordingly, I sold Beijing a house property on the west, the charming that left the day that just buys at that time only child 3 house rent his. " Introduction Li Lin, after returning Jiangsu, he produced the opinion that invests the stock market.

"Feel share price is particularly low at that time, but I am certain the stock market won't forever low fan, then, bought line of business of 600362 Jiangxi copper with the fund that sells a house. Although all the time deficit, but value cupreous price rise, I covered two years all the time, arrived on April 19, 2006 answer card, this outstanding achievement already grew 50% above. After this, share price rushs continuously tall, I with 4 yuan / average, and sell when going out the value already achieved 16 yuan. After this, I with 7 yuan / bought 600570 Hangzhou constant to give birth to an electron, at the beginning share price backwater not before, but by 2006, appreciate accelerate, I with 10.5~10.6 yuan / check inventory entirely. " Li Lin very agitato is right " building city " the reporter expresses, its came 2004 2007, devoted stock market 500 thousand, gain profit 500 thousand, investment return rate is as high as 100% . Listen to Li Lin to be very happy with it the experience that the ground says investment stock market, the reporter cares his particularly the investment redound of rental building how.

"I return Beijing at the beginning of this year, at present the house already called in live oneself. Tell the truth, call in I was calculated in detail before the building building investment redound of these a few years, 3 house invest 138 square metre every year return rate is 4.9% . " Li Lin is summed up finally, feeling of investment stock market resembles switchback, exciting but the heart collects fear after the event; And the feeling that rental house property invests resembles taking a train, smooth and long-term.
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