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The expert reminds: Choose room of fixed interest rate to borrow 3 kinds of peop
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Mr Jiang mortgaged a high-grade house at the beginning of 2006, loan amount is 500 thousand yuan, loan time limit 20 years. After buying a house, the gentleman experienced Jiang 4 times to add breath, from prime annual interest rate 6.12% violent wind rise 7.20% nowadays, every lunar comparing should return more than yuan of 300 interest more at the outset. Mention now this thing, mr Jiang regrets to do not have a choice at the outset " room of fixed interest rate is borrowed " product.

Since 2006 the Central Bank has been added 4 times breath, the citizen that very much trade having place plans delivers the view in succession to each commercial bank rolls out " room of fixed interest rate is borrowed " business. But expert of bank conduct financial transactions suggests to say, be not all person that buy a house to suit this room to borrow a product, more client needs youth, investor and loan amount to choose carefully.

Generally speaking, the criterion of annual interest rate that room of fixed interest rate shifts is met commonly lend standard interest rate than active room a few taller, returning borrow initial stage, the reimbursement amount that its reimbursement amount also can lend than room of float interest rate is some higher, because this is current to those economic insecurity, and for the youth that future anticipates gains is better, room of float interest rate borrows a product to may suit more.

The investor of house property also does not suit this room to borrow a product. To them, perhaps after a few years, the house goes out with respect to meeting resell, and the initial stage that buy a house secures interest rate because of the choice and more rooms offer the responsibility, this can raise investment cost apparently. Even if those raise borrowed house property investor to also not was necessary to choose with hiring " room of fixed interest rate is borrowed " , go up because of what the room shifts interest drop, often refract those who give the market to promote decline, also mean rent profit to be able to drift up and down. Use the lunar cost that secures interest rate him general with its " the lock is decided " , still be inferior to letting hire accrual and change with float firstly.

In addition, the client with loan more amount also needs discretion when choosing this professional work. The deadline that most fixed interest rate borrows money is 3 years, 5 years, the longest also do not pass 10 years, and these reimbursement term phases borrow money to what increase increasingly for remaining sum, appear too short, calculate what specified number of computational every months of reimbursement also will exceed average client greatly to bear from this limits. To them, had better take fixed interest rate and the kind that photograph of float interest rate ties. Author: Hou Dawei

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