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Hefei hires room net intermediary to join in policy publishs ~
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◆ intermediary joins in formula

Join in flow

1, pick formula value remit money by place
2, remittance is backward we offer phone of account, password, email, company, contact, company to be in data of brief introduction of the position, company, picture to wait
3, grant intermediary tiring-room government limits of authority

Service price

A formula 100 yuan / month (everyday highest release 60 several, issue information number every months 300)
B formula 200 yuan / month (everyday highest release 100 several, issue information number every months 400)
C formula 300 yuan / month (everyday highest release 150 several, release information every months gross 600)

Functional introduction

1, one key updates a function, need not fill in to express weak data in great quantities everyday
2, allocate 2 grade domain name [according to amount of 2 grade domain name, join order to give by intermediary, send stop namely] , image of the company that make publicizes a station
3, technical support, if make propagandist Logo, figure picture is waited a moment

Specific collaboration means seeks advice from Q Q please: 164057315

Perhaps enter Hefei to hire channel of terminal administration of room net forum to post seek advice!

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