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River Madan Gong rent batches touted more than a dozen House members of the pu
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River Madan Gong rent will usher in the second batch of residents. 25, a reporter at the scene saw showings, rent, compared with the first batch of "cold", this is not only more active members of the public showings, and more experienced, and some members of the public houses one by one with a laptop will be optional note - the morning saw a dozen of houses. According to reports, River Madan Gong rent - a total of more than 2,000 suites source, the first batch of over 1,000 multi-family occupancy, this will 693 families. There are more than 300 sets of the remaining houses can continue to receive applications. Showings over the first heat 25, River Madan Gong ushered in the second batch of applications for rental home showings. Earlier this year the first batch of tenants with rent River Madan Gong, many people are worrying about the rent of your other issues, the source of more than 2,000 suites only 1,000 multi- family applications. But this time with rent, public enthusiasm was high up enough showings and more experience. This reporter saw many people with the camera holding a notebook, write down the houses can apply, and then each went to the scene to see, to experience the living comfort. There are no members of the public because of late application for the grant to catch up with rent, but also came when the three batches of showings and find out with the rent. "Building 1, Building 3, Building 2, and rely on street light is good, I wanted to be elected to come here." Lives Grandpa Wang, Weihai City, North, although the 26 days it was his turn showings, 25 Day came early in the morning all the way at the river Madan Gong Jinsong rental showings scene. Uncle Wang told reporters that he had a circle around the area, which floor the best light, he made clear, is now looking forward to be elected to the phase of the house. Time of morning, reporters saw the room has been crowded with people registered showings, many originally came in 26,27,28 days came early showings of the members of the public showings. There are a lot of people are out of view of collective family room, there are people with a "knowledgeable" friends view room, as if carefully the extent to buy their own house. "Old tenants," as tour guides "Here's a good, Building 10, near the mountain you see from the air is good, with 9 of the floor space is also large building, 5 floors above, can have more than ten hours a day basking in the sun, on the election to choose the small size of the House on. "rent first stay at the River Madan Gong Li aunt, is giving people ideas to come to showings. Aunt Lee told reporters that she walks downstairs every day now, a good living on the floor, which is very clear and tangible, and asked her to be sure. 25, Madan Gong rent district of the river, many residents of the first stay, when the tour guide to come from the ideas of the public showings. August moved to River rent, Building 1, 5th Floor, Madan Gong Zhang aunt living, just to buy food back, face consultation Which building has lived a comfortable public to stop and patiently explained. Auntie Zhang told reporters that her son and daughter live in a 50- square-meter two-bedroom family, feel very good, "more than 600 dollars a month rent, than we were when in the name way more expensive that renting, but also natural gas, cooking can be convenient. in front of it by the street are several good selection to choose the room on the side, the patron will be cold over there. " Reporters on the scene learned that many people have relatives and friends of the river Madan Gong rent first batch of applications, and in August to move in, they let more people after the arrival of rent with knowledge of the river Madan Gong, the application of the family also increased . Increased availability of large units This reporter has learned that the 1-2 person households with rent and 332 families apply for, 2 families, 50 families who apply, households with more than 3 311 families to apply. The availability of copies, compared with the first rent with rent for three or more households living in "big house" availability increased, two rooms of the houses is quite high. 29, began the election room, early in November the people will be able to receive the key to stay home. According to reports, this 1-2 person households mainly in one room units, Building 10, an area of 48.91 square meters more than at -55.03 meters, and some scattered in the 1,2,3,4 Building. Households with more than 3 houses mainly in Building 7, mainly Bedroom units, area 53.5 -69.89 sq m, there are scattered houses located in the 5,6 Building. Two-bedroom for two person households are not many housing units, mainly distributed in the 5-6 building, public showings special attention to these floor when the model room. In addition, the reporter learned that River Madan Gong rental suites, a total of more than 2000 sources, the first batch of over 1,000 multi-family occupancy, this will 693 families. There are more than 300 sets of the remaining houses can continue to receive applications. The intention of the members of the public can go to the account applications where the district offices, housing support centers will be organized with rent based on the applications.

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