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According to the U.S. "World News" reported that, for the newcomer to the new immigrants, to house prices so high in Los Angeles, U.S. cities almost impossible to buy a house from the task. In the first period of time, most new immigrants are required to Do "renting family." To find an environment adequate, affordable accommodation price is indeed a science. Many ways to find rental information: the local Chinese newspaper every day a lot of rental ads;'s ethnic Chinese business district, supermarkets, restaurants, houses for rent Menkou often posted, sublet the advertising; if read English, you can also rent website commonly used in English; in residential areas, some houses for rent if needed, will be leasing out Chashang (For Rent) The brand; for students, housing management center through the school , Students will be other platforms, but also among students in the same school to find some subleasing, subletting message. Great variety of housing types of the United States, Los Angeles rental market, the more common single-family housing (single house), condo (condo), Apartment (apartment / flat), house size is not fixed, homeowners can either Is the rental company, can also be personal. Whole family of new immigrants to the United States usually need to rent the entire unit, and new immigrants to the United States alone, especially students, can be considered to save rent by sharing expenses. Reports that the selection of housing, in addition to the budget need to consider renting, housing location of the security situation, whether the house comes with furniture, the need to pay utilities and other charges, to school or work whether the traffic side It and other basic factors, if housing does not provide enough parking spaces, car owners will need to look at the parking area, weekly street sweeping and other conditions. If there are people with disabilities at home, should also check whether there are buildings and houses Facilities for the disabled. Housing is generally divided into long-term (long-term) and monthly (month-to-month) are two general requirements for long-term lease tenants spend at least a year, lived in a small number of leases are required at least three months or six months . There are many Rental companies and individual landlords will consider signing a year lease for the tenant to give some concessions, such as replacing one month's rent, the tenant can be asked to give at the showings of such concessions. Before the expiry of the tenant to move out of the situation, In addition to the current long-term lease required the tenant notify the landlord 30 days in advance, and usually requires the tenant to find one willing to take over the lease (take over the lease) of the people, until the room about expired. The monthly lease more flexible Usually requires the tenant advance notice only by contractual rental company or the landlord. New immigrants, after seeing the satisfaction of the house, some rent the landlord will ask the company or fill out an application and provide, including Social Security number (social security number), date of birth and other basic personal data, and produce Passport or driver's license and other government-issued photo ID valid (ID), etc., used to verify the applicant's criminal record and credit score. There are rental companies or landlords require the applicant to submit proof of income issued by the employer (Income statement) or payroll (pay stub). Decided to rent houses, usually need to pay some or all of rent deposit (security deposit), the deposit amount is usually one month's rent, some owners are required to pay a deposit Fangke the same time, pre-paid last month Rent. Pay a deposit and rent usually do not accept credit cards, so the new immigrants should take one or two rental blank check and make sure the account has sufficient funds to avoid a tight budget situation. Signed a rental contract (lease), the tenant need to take extra caution, to read word for word the terms of the lease. California Consumer Affairs Department (California Department of Consumer Affairs) also warns the tenant, In the premise there is no translation, if the tenant and landlord reach a lease between a Chinese language agreement, and the lease term over 30 days, the landlord in the tenant must provide the tenant before signing a lease to the Chinese translation, regardless of whether the tenant For this request. Tenant for the Chinese, in particular, need to pay attention to accommodating visitors to stay overnight on the terms of the maximum period, so as to avoid the family came to visit, live longer than the time deposit is the landlord fined or deducted, but also to Asked whether in the courtyard, balconies and other outdoor clothes drying area, as in many American cities that are conducive to the outdoor clothesline visual impact of the prohibited area. Read the tenancy the tenant may request the landlord, accompanied see whether the housing conditions described in the lease line: floors, walls, the ceiling for cracks, holes, leaks and other signs; taps have signs of rust; cold, Hot water are complete; bathroom or kitchen, if any maintenance over the place, whether there is water leakage; circuit system is intact, the power supply is sufficient; cold, whether the normal operation of heating; if the house comes with furniture, you should view the family With whether there is damage; house have rats, ants, cockroaches, fleas infested; if the building than the old, peeling paint should be noted that the situation there.

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