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3 standards are calculated when to buy a room to fasten impulse to should exceed
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To buying the people of the room at present, must according to the individual actual condition acts accordingly, do not want impulse to buy a house. Must get again some more market, building from many channel dish information, mature oneself still has what tie requirement.

The month compares prep above for income 35% namely " exceed bid " an investigation with some newest website shows, the person that has 91.1% bought a room to use mortgage. Among them, the month has 54.1% for holding the number of lunar income 20%-50% , the month offers the income that take a month of 50% above achieve 31.75% . From this a group of data can see, if do not have housing to mortgage,borrow money in last few years, domestic estate market should be in short-term inside it is impossible that prosperity rises. But, also have cost and risk so. If the youth undertakes housing is mortgaged,not be in these cost and risk consideration decision-making in, so the individual faces the risk with indebted and overweight family possibly. Current, the standard of domestic set is head pay not under total house money 20% , individual month borrows money for mortgaging / lunar income must not exceed 50% , and the country waits in the United States, it is the 28%-35% that asks the month takes lunar income for the paragraph commonly, more than this limit is tall.

In recent years, all the time young friend asks me: Is house price high? Should buy a house? When to buy a house...

I often can tell them, can below in order to 3 standards will calculate.

It is house value income is compared. U.N. is right 1993 the level that 107 nations of world had study to reach in the round is 3-6 times. Namely when you buy a house, total house money (include to decorate cost) with the income after domestic duty it is 3-6 if really for instance times, explain price of this kind of house pays ability in yours inside. This one proportion is higher, explain house price is higher.

2 it is individual housing mortgages a month to be able to control income every months to compare for paragraph and family (should consider interest rate risk to go in) .

This is compared be in commonly 28%-35% . If exceed 35% , criterion individual responsibility is overweight, squash not only the individual is other consumption, and the life quality that can reduce a family.

3 it is a family indebted remaining sum (namely of the family all sorts of is in debt, if car loan, credit card, personal loan, education borrows money,wait) compare with domestic gross income. This one scale cannot exceed 50% . From the point of afore-mentioned network investigation, many domestic peoples especially young gens is being done buy did not undertake be calculatinged carefully when the room is decision-making, flock buy a house, bring about a month to be compared for income thereby exorbitant. And the reason that this has house price to upsurge all the way again.

Big house changes Xiaofang when the price that take the advantage of a room is high so, how is exorbitant house price caused again? Estate develops chamber of commerce to say is decided by market supply demand relations. From apparently look, this kind of view and differ actually not far. Because, the very much person that buy a house (except of the person that fry a room) when buying a house, be to be in information under not complete, asymmetry, unscientific, non-standard circumstance, anticipate house price can rise all the time thereby, anticipate it is certain to buy a house can maintain value rise in value, such nature also develop the business, person that fry a room to be pushed together with estate tall house price.
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