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Ability of how many cash must still spend to raise the house besides house money
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Live in flourishing metropolitan, have the ideal that is in comfortable, warmth to occupy place, this is the dream of a lot of people. But, from below the autograph one paper contract of carry out room begins, of all kinds items collects fees variously the announcement emerges ceaselessly. So, buy a house that admire in the heart to want how to many money break after all? The reporter covered spread of annals of bell of the expert that buy a house a few days ago, spread out to discuss with respect to this topic.

Firewood of 10 thousand January group flower call together greatly! !

"Buy duty to expend " :

The big head pay besides house money

Eliminate is easy calculative is big expenditure, " the money that buy a house " , to the room tubal bureau, revenue hands in duty to expend is the money of the be the first to be affected in house money, basically include the following:

Agree duty: 1.5% amount is house price, trade the in part is made when card of ancient bronze mirror, other in part is made when house property testimony is being taken after be being entered.

Stamp duty: 0.03% what amount is house price, in trade hand in when card of ancient bronze mirror.

Buying operation cost: It is every square metre commonly 3 yuan, also be in trade hand in when card of ancient bronze mirror.

Cost of production of house property card: 5 yuan differ to 20 yuan. If property right person not merely, criterion carbon can collect fees additionally, every 5 yuan.

In addition still authority belongs to the charge such as the cost that register, mapping cost, closing is 500 yuan go to 800 yuan commonly between.

It is for 400 thousand yuan building with price of 100 square metre, house exemple, the total cost of this one part is controlled for 7000 yuan.

● expert reminds: These charge must be handed in in legal time, when should make an in part, when should make other in part, must make clear in the contract, cannot comply with the demand that expands business. Otherwise, the legitimate rights and interests of owner is met by enroach on, or bother in what produce a few formalities to go up in the future.

The bank mortgages cost:

Most the brushstroke expenditure of loaded down with trivial details

Now, most person buys a house to be able to choose handle conduction payment in the bank. The bank mortgages basically include:

Insurance premium: Its algorithm has new old two kinds, the expert thinks newest is the most scientific, advantageous to owner. Computational method is: Times × of.2 of 1 of × of loan specified amount discount of × of fixed number of year of one thousandth × .

Stamp duty: 5/100000 what amount is house price.

Notarial cost: Go to 300 yuan in 200 yuan commonly between.

He an authority card fee: Also go to 300 yuan in 200 yuan commonly between.

Retaining fee: Have a plenty of calculate by every sheet, general every sheet goes to 500 yuan 200 yuan between; Have a plenty of the price that press a room to calculate, rate is 2 millesimals. Generally speaking, former rate habit is aimed at small area unit, latter basically accumulates an unit in the light of bedding face.
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