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Room choice holds 4 big principles
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█ Hu Jihong

Buy a house to consumer, it is an important matter undoubtedly. Face all sorts of buildings on the market, how should choose after all? Concerned expert points out, the citizen is choosing a room model when, must hold " 4 big principles " .

Generally speaking, the room that can satisfy 3 above in 4 big principles room that can have been. In specific carry room what is appropriate to the occasion 4 principles serve as reference under union:

One, the function is divisional and clear reasonable. The expert thinks, although use function of the residence is simple, but however not can optional promiscuous. General fine house should pay attention to the residence in-house use function is divisional and clear. Evaluating a room model when, the function is divisional can consider from the following respects: Mobile area and rest the area makes clear departure, rest the area is centered relatively; Decrease to open the door on the wall inside mobile area as far as possible, assure complete metope, facilitating furniture is decorated; Mobile area and rest area photograph interconnection is convenient.

2, indoor transportation organization is reasonable. Indoor traffic should accomplish the convenient, whole sex that does not destroy other function space and passageway area moderate. The living room of the daily life area of public activity area is the area with the top utilization rate in daily life, the position should have opposite independent character, do not become the channel that crosses between other function bedroom as far as possible, also do not become the position of room door open. In addition, indoor footpath should decrease as far as possible or avoid long and narrow, go against furniture already otherwise put, waste an area again.

3, door the standard width of a room in an old-style house wants reasonable. General component is the bedroom public activity area, illicit is close rest area and hutch, lavatory, the auxiliary area such as the balcony, the position that so the door opens must consider: The positional otherwise of the door affects the integrality of other space; The bedroom should maintain illicit close sex, reflect dimensional block to break a gender. Enter a door to should not be be opposite sitting room, should not be opposite continuously more bedroom, enter commonly porch should be set to regard as between a door and sitting room transfer space, sitting room and other room also should be used as far as possible transfer the connection that gimmick makes rises.

4, do one's best of the space inside house is regular. Basis " do one's best of the space inside house is regular " principle, the attention answers when choosing a building: It is room layout whether upright and foursquare, have as good as model, whether the requirement that contented furniture decorates; 2 it is whether main room has crossbeam to appear, if have, whether will handle through decorating, made both neither be a hindrance to is beautiful, do not affect indoor level again; 3 it is to should analyse indoor conduit cloth to set reasonable, can affect integral result.
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