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Buy room whole strategy
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If you want to own a building that admire in the heart, so the first condition that treats a room to choose a room to buy room course to go up namely, also be very crucial one step. When if you reach center of carry out building,seeking advice, be about to learn to acquire a building through all sorts of channel dish information, in order to facilitate all-around the house with ground him favorite understanding.

The environment is optimized enjoy high quality life

Buy a room to want to see circumjacent environment, this perhaps is the common sense that every person that buy a house knows, but how to look after all, not be everybody is familiar with however. See circumjacent environment, the bridal chamber that must choose with oneself is central ground, look " basic necessities of life " reach " open the door 7 things " form a complete set after all how.

The environment that says here includes the big environment of property periphery and the microenvironment inside living area. Circumjacent environment can divide humanness article environment and environment again. It is to be in luxurious busy streets, still be the tall deanery with culture grumous atmosphere, whether to draw near the landscape such as park, greenbelt, can produce very big effect to the environment. Area core place basically looks a program to design level and afforest rate discretion. Generally speaking, the village that has dimensions relatively is compared alone 9 tower afforest is close friends more. The afforest rate that the government sets is controlled in 30 % normally, if a village achieves 40 % ,lead to the afforest of 50 % taller even, mean development business to sacrifice one part area will optimize an environment.

Inhabit this, life character how from need not character says. In the life that modern is in fast rhythm, stress life quality. Can say, the property management that can convenient common people lives is Gao Shuiping's management. Establishment of perfect village form a complete set, should satisfy the basic need that people lives daily, if the life is purchased necessarily, mail, deposit, repast. Besides, return facilities of due and certain sports recreation form a complete set, wait like swimming-pool, ping-pong house, to live the dweller inside the area is offerred convenient.

Functional partition activity is appropriate

A kind of lifestyle decides a person is right housing door choice, want to choose good door model, should be opposite above all door model knowledge has certain knowledge.

According to the market fixed position of the project, mature at present domestic structure of the client is mixed life rule, make housing uses a function to refine, be like space of space of room of sitting room, dining-room, study, housework, baby-sitter room, balcony, fitness, recreation even pet room, functional partition is apparent, activity is appropriate. In ideal residence, daily life space wait for composition by room of lobby, sitting room, living room, gym, musical instrument, study, atelier, toilet, toilet, bedroom, store, balcony, by respective function but collect is " corrupt, clean, move, static " 4 large spaces.
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