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New edition " commodity house opens to booking a contract " fill and level up "
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New edition " commodity house opens to booking a contract " demonstrative text mixes first " book of subscribe of Beijing commodity house " will begin to use on March 15 this year. New contract makes most of consumer feel proud and elated is, the provision of Xiang Yu the Conqueror that exists in business of house of a few commodity before is almost total by eliminate.

In disappear assist with city disappear assist legal expert adviser, Beijing collects Qiu Baochang of director of beautiful attorney office's lawyer, and be dedicated to commodity sex Wu in recent years " dimension authority bodyguard " Wang Hai, basic to new contract approve of.
The disappear in our newspaper basis assist the development business that comment on 6 big " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " , with new edition contract demonstrative text clause undertakes contrasting, ask contract of city industrial and commercial bureau to was in king section chief to undertake be unscramblinged in detail.

   Trap 1 subscribe deposit is difficult remand

Dispute: Hefei " book of subscribe of house of goods of × × garden " regulation: "Subscribe deposit turns automatically the money that it is a room, exceed the time limit person deposit of place capture subscribe is not returned. " edit: Unanimous opinion was not reached when subscribe both sides signs a contract, inside proper time subscribe book removes automatically, deposit is returned.

King section chief: Commodity house business belongs to a large amount of consumption, operator should stay for consumer have reasonable " hesitation period " , the requirement removes deposit during this, not applicable deposit is punished criterion.

Qiu Baochang: The time date that consumer fills in shoulds not be too long, do not surpass a week at most. Otherwise some of development chamber of commerce is in in this paragraph of time, the fund buying a house that uses consumer earns interest.

Wang Hai: This is the person that offset is expended is contained tilt protective clause of the gender, consumer should make full use of.

   2 derate responsibility designs trap opportunely

Dispute: Head office of development of Guangzhou some estate makes " book of × × subscribe " regulation: "Sell square break a contact calls in building, need to return place to accept deposit and need not add only accrual or compensation. " edit: Betray a person to sell this commodity house tripartite separately inside subscribe deadline, ought to to subscribe person times doubler return return deposit.

King section chief: The book of commodity house subscribe that publishs this should be returned to bargainor break a contact returned pair of times deposit to make specific provision.

Qiu Baochang: Development business gives the 3rd person house resell to earn profit, consumer can put forward to press actual loss claim for compensation.

Wang Hai: The person that development business sheet is expended with respect to offset by subscribe book undertakes restraining, lack legal effectiveness.
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