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House property interlocution: Unplug scabbard of Lu ぁ pen is cut into parts
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Concerned personage replies: ⑸ of  of  of health die young cleans out  of shipboard of ∩ of humorous of  of Shen health die young Piao the Tang Dynasty peddles? to must have certain requirement, and set according to what concern all sorts of formalities of commodity house sale are dealt with in estate management department. Must have among them " 5 card " it is to point to: ? of ぁ of cover of the fabaceous  A Chinese-style unlined garment that love faint is to prove the person that land is used pays land access sell one's own things gold to the country, obtained the legal proof; in access of some state-owned land inside particular fixed number of year " construction uses ground program permit " , it is construction before the unit is applying for land of commandeer, transfer to land management department, the legal evidence; that via town planning administration director branch affirms to construction project place and limits accord with town planning " licence of construction project program " , it is the legal proof; that accords with town planning requirement about construction project " permit of construction project construction " ; " commodity house is sold (open to booking) licence " .

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