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Hefei city is secondhand the room trades paragraph Ming Qijiang is made mandator
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Management board of Hefei city estate announced yesterday: Will rise on October 20, hefei will be carried out compulsively " secondhand house money is mandatory " , intermediary company is in secondhand do not allow money of encroach on house what the room trades absolutely from beginning to end, the intermediary that because this kind of problem meets with,complains 3 times will by direct revoke secondhand the room meets qualification of battalion of The Book of Changes.

According to the regulation, will rise tomorrow, the citizen undertakes inside Hefei limits secondhand the room trades, no matter be lump-sum payment  or use business loan or buyer of  of accumulation fund loan but the house money that will decide first transfer is in what commercial bank or branch of the Anhui province of industrial and commercial bank establish Hefei town technically to management board of Hefei city estate " secondhand house fund is mandatory and special account " on, during capital is mandatory, buyers and sellers need not pay any fee, house money not plan breath. No matter business still trades smoothly,interrupt, negotiate consistent foundation to go up in buyers and sellers only, both sides appears personally jointly, depend on effective identity document, capital draw money of mandatory proof talent this money. Whole process, any tripartite cannot money of encroach on house.

As we have learned, be in before secondhand the room trades in, as a result of involved house money amount opposite bigger, trade both sides gives in house money pay on quite careful: After person selling a house fears the person that buy a house gets card, do not pay in time by contract agreement; The person that buy a house worries to the room is not taken after paying, because trade break down, refund wait for a problem and incur loss. After still party of collection of company of a few intermediary buys house fund, move makes him use, house money is bought to give after causing a building to clinch a deal pay not seasonable, flat perhaps a paragraph desert, cause very big loss to buyers and sellers.

According to divulging, 10 months before this, hefei has been been opposite in substation of cottage in relief estate " secondhand house fund is mandatory " undertake pilot, the result is favorable. The reporter learns from substation of in relief estate of Hefei city cottage, since peach garden incident will happen on July 6, citizen risk consciousness is all-time grow, secondhand house fund is mandatory portfolio is steep add.

Hefei city estate bureau rents Zhou Fudong of department section chief to express, capital is compulsive and mandatory will put an end to individual and illegal broker from fountainhead orgnaization general client is secondhand the room trades paragraph move makes him use carry paragraph abscond even, the capital that ensured buyers and sellers is safe.

(square new Dong Shigong as man of virtual and ability) avoid duty statement: Hefei hires room net to reprint content all give chapter and verse for, reprinting is to stem from the purpose that passes more information, do not imply approval its viewpoint or the authenticity that confirm its content.
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