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According to England " economist " weekly writes civil report, go up century since 90 time end, most city housing moves toward the market, of China new rich people be fond of talk about estate. Chinese each district lifted the upsurge that buy a house, townsman uses mortgaged payment generally to buy a house. Urban house price rises ceaselessly, estate becomes a on people table popular topic. What Dan Ji blames is, people mortgages to housing loan interest rate worries none it seems that.

However actually, housing mortgages loan interest rate deserves people concern very much, because mortgage loan interest rate is alterable, be in by central bank every decide first year after year. The country chooses to raise interest rate likely, in order to restrain the growth momentum with swift and violent economy. If this interest rate is moved on the Central Bank, so the amount of Chinese townsman reimbursement that borrows money before a few years in great quantities from the bank will increase greatly. the individual to buying a house, interest rate rises will make they face new pressure.

From be close to a few years ago 0 begin, housing mortgage loan of China grows in recent years rapid. Arrive from 1997 2002, the mortgage loan that did not repay is average and annual grow one times. Chinese all along does not have the habit that loan consumes, a lot of people that loan buys a house are first time lends money from the bank. But guaranty borrows money default rate is very low -- insufficient 0.5% . Contrary, the loan that the bank provides to state-owned company has nearly 25% to cannot get repay. Because the bank faces the pressure that reduces bad debts rate, so the bank is willing to borrow money to give the individual that buys a house more.

Commonly the income that provides according to the individual proves to decide the bank to whether provide loan, and proof of this kind of income makes a holiday very easily. Be in China, service of credit grade assess still lies primary level. The bank is unavailable the file of other bank, also cannot decide whether borrower has not public debt to perhaps have the history that defaults debt. Additional, the house property that the bank take-overs to be mortgaged also involves intractable legal program. If the government thinks to cancel guarantee,redemptive authority can affect social stability, the government is likely even block up bank is done so.

Up to now, most townsman borrows money according to his reimbursement ability. Dan Ase. Ke Luobai was in last year " Chinese economy quarterly publication " on write civil say, henceforth inside period of time, of junk fund default rate even if very tall, also can be masked by the huge amount place of new loan. Mortgaging loan is in China is a new thing, and the 3rd year of ability that the phenomenon that defaults loan wants to borrow money commonly becomes clear rise.

But swarm into a city in great quantities as a result of rural population, and a lot of townsman housing conditions are very poor, the demand that people will buy a house henceforth will still very big, this is an encouraging news to the bank. And analyst people think, even if China raises mortgage loan interest rate, go up also won't big.
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