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Secondhand house business manual
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Secondhand room manual of buying and selling

Purpose and according to


Secondhand the room is to be aimed at the peculiar idea that public house sells when building commodity house and room to change and generates. Secondhand house business is to point to building droit the building putting an amount that the person owns his property sells vendee, pay a room the behavior of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold by vendee.


Buy secondhand the purpose no more than of commodity house is for private use perhaps invests two kinds. Some people secondhand house business looks very simply, also have some of person secondhand house business looks very complexly, actually this is misunderstanding. The purpose of this book, depend on eliminating the misunderstanding of people and bias, offer to the reader trade practically the guidance of the respect.

Buyer main body is examined

Secondhand the room buys a person can be the churchyard of People's Republic of China, natural person outside, legal person and other organization, but law, code, regulations has additionally set or contract of land access sell one's own things has unused except additionally.

Be based on all sorts of belongings purposes and interest, can buy a person with his name. Also can buy with the name of other. OK still set building is fiducial hold and administrative building.

Bargainor main body qualification test

Secondhand room transferor ought to be to be registered lawfully go up in register of building property right, the building droit of put down in writing of building droit letter person. The transferor can be the natural person of churchyard of People's Republic of China, legal person, also can be the natural person outside the condition, legal person other perhaps organization.

The company serves as trade of main body particularly examine

Secondhand the room trades main body is finite liability company, Inc. , ought to examine (refer) joint hearing of company board of directors, partner views the written document that agrees to trade.

Of state-owned company or cooperative particularly examine

Secondhand the room trades main body is state-owned ought to examine (refer) the government is in charge of a branch.

Secondhand the room trades to ought to be examined main body is cooperative (refer) the approval file of the workers congress.

Buying and selling

Secondhand the buying and selling of the room, transfer the ownership of the building namely. Secondhand the buying and selling of the room ought to undertake lawfully, ought to safeguard secondhand room the legitimate rights and interests of party of buyers and sellers, the 3rd person. Secondhand the law that house business involves is very much, but will tell commonly, can involve " urban estate administers a law " , " contract law " " city demesne building regulation " , " urban estate makes over management to set " , " Beijing estate makes over administrative measure " compasses of method of and other places or regulations etc concern a provision.
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