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The person of what disposition can live a person of extraordinary powers curtila
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Palace of heart of Cong Ziwei blessing and wealth palace in light of can live a person of extraordinary powers curtilage life style  
1. Flourishing of money flourishing blessing, joy is enjoyed.

Fu Degong is see a person come money natural resources,
The drive that also can see a person is enjoyed. Wealth palace is the sense of conduct financial transactions that sees a person and the manner that spend money. If have inside wealth palace " the day is the same as " , " day bridge " among them one of, without evil spirit star. Want a person of extraordinary powers curtilage person Fu Degong follows wealth palace must beautiful, state this individual is known enjoy, the enjoyment that abandon, and come money natural resources is exceedingly rich, and meet very the beautiful money that abandon gets ready appearance, the quality that the person of this kind of combination connects furniture is can exceeding cultured.   

2. Double salary is handed in hold, self-righting deficient.

In Fu Degong or wealth palace each took " salary " or be " salary is put " , did not encounter evil spirit star. Have this kind of lot dish the person can maintain a happy heart, can know spirit or the enjoyment that are materially of course. Double Lu Zaifu the person of heart or wealth, prospective money natural resources is very relaxed, it is congenial money for the most part, it is one has very much that is to say slant the person that money carries, after he had Qian Zhi, with respect to the living quality that can want him promotion, and his economy capacity is very good, can change house with house, the house can change older more, can change a person of extraordinary powers finally curtilage.   

3. Unbroken and money Xing Hualu, incessant.

Fu Degong has each with wealth palace " weather government office " " Wu Qu " came up against " salary " , do not receive evil spirit star. Salary represents lot, the watch increases, express money natural resources to increase to Fu Degong, very much also good luck is enjoyed, not only can live a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, also very much the luck to eat sth delicious is reached pay attention to life character, when because this is become,blessing heart palace has these a few bits, express him often fete guest samples cate, know very much get along, wonder of essence of life pledges neither is short of. Avoid duty statement: Hefei hires room net to reprint content all give chapter and verse for, reprinting is to stem from the purpose that passes more information, do not imply approval its viewpoint or the authenticity that confirm its content.

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