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Room intermediary: Place piece of table to be able to make money
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Those who hire room market is active with each passing day, drove the prosperity of company of house property intermediary. A around boreal lake hundreds meters street on the road, greatly small house property intermediary has 67 actually.

The peak period of the market that rent a house reached every year after the Spring Festival passes. House-agent of Hua Mingda says, can hire everyday when busy season go out 45 houses. Near day gate pier an employee of beautiful source house property also says, come down one year to be able to lease 9 buildings on average everyday.

Place piece of table to be able to make medium

Open a place of the intermediary that rent a house very simple, want an an appearance, phone only, again invite applications for a job a few clerks went, do not want even the facade of a shop sometimes, place piece of table to be able to make money. Their job is house-owner of hack having a house and the tenement pull wires that are about to rent a house to build the bridge namely. According to introducing, open intermediary to want to master source of a batch of rooms to be on the hand above all, the clerk when strong start business asks from door to door to have even without empty room, must serve freely for house-owner when necessary, it is OK to need the talent after forming certain influence " both ends collects fees " .

Intermediary month enters house property not to poor

Press a convention, 1/3 the intermediary cost of collection of house property intermediary is first months of hire. Take an average two rooms one office building will tell, house property intermediary to rental, bear Feikeda controls the medium that hires bilateral collection 300 yuan, average everyday two word, income has 600 yuan or so.

A house-agent says Hua Mingda, before paragraph time, this city the manager of enterprise of a large foreign capital hired in their company luxurious the building that decorate, lunar hire 8000 multivariate, intermediary expended them to close 6000 multivariate, touch on at ordinary times half month.

Most be afraid that house-owner, client carries the ground on the back " the autograph is made an appointment with "

Of course, house property intermediary also is not the bag earns not the business of compensate. Issue brushstroke intermediary cost for the province, the client may come to an agreement under the counter with landlord. Intermediary of one house property complains say, this kind of circumstance is impossible to defend effectively really, be forced avowed and hapless. Although guild regulations agrees house-owner and client carry ground autograph on the back to want to compensate for double intermediary to expend about, but it seems that sanction is not big. Avoid duty statement: Hefei hires room net to reprint content all give chapter and verse for, reprinting is to stem from the purpose that passes more information, do not imply approval its viewpoint or the authenticity that confirm its content.
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