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The room is in the hand is hiring is to sell use what kind of investment means i
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Some people are looking for a house to live, the house of more than is free in some hand. Then, formed for with need. But, the demand that asks to differring person, the room is in the person of the hand, what kind of investment means should use? Be to sell? Be to hire? Which kinds of means is more economical?

■ the person that stabilize to the life

No matter how, the processing of house property won't have too big effect to former life. Make us make final and decision-making likelihood have the following kinds of considerations right now:

Plan one: To the family the structure is stabilized already basically and the income of oneself future anticipates change not old person will tell, handling " redundant " house property when the choice rents means perhaps transfers pattern, its main difference depends on be in deal with the profit that gains in the process is one-time gain an income, the cash that still maintains a stability inside a paragraph of period flows.

Plan 2: Make over for at present lash-up. If other investment are being waited for,be badly in need of capital support, the house property in making over a hand instantly is customary practice, the adverse consequence that makes a likelihood bring so was to miss the optimal skill opportunity of house property to perhaps make because of,transfer value " on-line processing " and the loss drops one share, want careful between instant accrual and opportunity cost balance when executive operation so.

Plan 3: Renting is long-term consideration. If with a view to is future likelihood happening and defray (for instance children is taught) prepare, so accumulating fund through renting the house property in the hand comes should be a right choice. And rent the building to possessory for still have commutation to deal with the right of means and space, when oneself has need, can close in order to be in, perhaps stop to rent below the case with market suitable situation make over again go out benefit.

■ the person that put in variable to the life

To this kind of person, jin Cheng believes general manager of estate broker company Mr Qiu Hong to think, if everything still is below not certain state, prospective change may be bigger, the development that chooses one-time earnings or lasting cash to shed accrual to see us how to come for oneself located. If have present house property to just satisfy the living requirement inside certain level to us, future still has higher demand, so the fund that goes out to be measured in order to obtain certainly transfers house property below the case with market suitable condition, it is a well-advised practice. We can use this fund at quickening the investment that the enterprise develops already, also can throw it in ideal house property directly, make oneself enjoy the living environment in ideal early. Avoid duty statement: Hefei hires room net to reprint content all give chapter and verse for, reprinting is to stem from the purpose that passes more information, do not imply approval its viewpoint or the authenticity that confirm its content.
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