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What room to hire what to house buy?
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The person of the life and job to housing problem, or hires room or to buy a house, people rents a house commonly before buying a house, this kind of phenomenon is in the majority with provincial town person especially.

If the person that hires a room is maiden perhaps marry but without the child, general hope hires one-room flat. The privacy that one-room flat can assure an individual not only and respect of 2 person worlds, human relation are very convenient, hire field is more lucrative also.

The person that buys a house can buy two-room flat commonly, after the person with common cause considers, this can have a child to need two-room flat among them. Here produced a contradiction, the one-room flat on the market that rent is very hot, but commodity house market develops two-room flat, three-room flat however more, the reason is two-room flat, three-room flat gives an area, development business has higher profit, but the consequence of such generation is two markets depart, affect the investment buy course of study of a few people and 2 buy trade.

Have method to change two-room flat two one-room flat to rise union of both and organic ground thereby when rent? The author has a tentative idea, draw up will to business of a few development consult. The two-room flat when development business is building a house uses 2 rooms 2 hall 2 defend 2 balconies, dining-room and advocate lie to be together repeatedly, advocate lie have advocate defend, and have lift of face of one side wall. Two-room flat is when owner buys a house, when once 2 times buy course of study uses owner,renting, can change this two-room flat into two one-room flat. First advocate lie the one side wall of face lift (blame main wall) open a door, advocate the door that lies to lead to a sitting room with dining-room is sealed rise, again advocate lie the balcony there changes a kitchen, a such two-room flat changed two one-room flat. With this the one-room flat that changes uses kind of method to rent should have very good market. Avoid duty statement: Hefei hires room net to reprint content all give chapter and verse for, reprinting is to stem from the purpose that passes more information, do not imply approval its viewpoint or the authenticity that confirm its content.

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