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Love is like if buy a house,hire room marriage
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Because the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am that rent a house lives how long errant, should choose a sector of an area so the quite good, convenient, house that lives comfortably, graph temporarily easy and comfortable; When love, should pick beautiful, pleasing to the eye, have an insatiable desire for temporarily joyous Yue. Buy a house to want a consideration not only comfortable and beautiful, should consider more practical; The other side should see not only when marrying beautiful, should see immanent quality more even economic actual strength.   
Hire a house to live too won't for a long time commonly,
So not very is cleared away, decorate, careless is become; When love, do not know outcome how, also not very is arranged meticulously, anyway two people have a plenty of passion. Buying a house should be used, must decorate attentively so, dress up carefully; Marriage, be all one's life thing, cannot again capricious, place heart comes, manage well.   

When leasing a building, mostly follow one's inclinations, too much to life it doesn't matter design, beg only have a check; When love, also do not consider future more, beg the happy sweetness at that time only. When buying a house, get a ground ability careful calculation and strict budgeting, mortgage to every months greatly, small to water and electricity gas; In marriage, also get economize to avoid running short get along, old excellent front yard is built, small to fuel.   

Hired building time to grow, can feel chummage is too expensive, money sent others, people can be determined to buy a house, be to one's profit of economy of in an attempt to; Have a love affair is long, can feel cost is too high, always date outside, have a meal, consumption, also do not have oneself space, the heart below meeting horizontal stroke comes to people, enter marriage, in an attempt to is dependable and quiet.   

Hiring room and love is short-term action euqally, although halfway get away also there's still time; Marry and buy a house identical, congeneric and long-term behavior, want to quit it is so easy to can be done not have. Avoid duty statement: Hefei hires room net to reprint content all give chapter and verse for, reprinting is to stem from the purpose that passes more information, do not imply approval its viewpoint or the authenticity that confirm its content.

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