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Rent a house or buy a house which more economical? House property invests " adva
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The friend asks me recently, why some wealthy people can afford a room obviously, do not buy a room to live however, willing do to rent a settle or live in a strange place, living to belong to the house of others?

I calculated brushstroke debt to him: Suppose at the beginning of 2003, your average a value 1 million yuan house lives, enjoying capacious sitting room and comfortable bedroom. Arrived the end of the year, this house market prise increased 30 % , you are very glad, preparation continues to enjoy this to cover a house, await it to continue to appreciate. But I tell you: You may eat to have a deficit greatly.

More Qian Yu does not have the reason of the room

If you continue to have and living,this covers a house, it belongs to you, but it can devalue at any time, this is not affirmatory danger to you. If your the end of the year sells a house, deduct series to trade cost (agree duty, decorate depreciation) , can gain net profit probably 250 thousand yuan.

Perhaps you can ask: Sell went out I do not have a house, how does that do?

I if you, I can sign a contract with the person that buys my house: I sell him the house, but he must promise to lease this building to me.

Such, can continue to be being used " oneself " house, and had earned a large sum of. With the hire computation of 4 % , you want the month of defray every months to hire is 4000 yuan, what one year you should pay is 4. Hire of 80 thousand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, such, 250 thousand yuan of gain selling a house deduct year of hire pay, odd 20. 20 thousand yuan.

Such somebody will be afraid: Waited for me to sell a house, house price continues to rise, I am not to cast piece premature, if I cover, still can gain more profit.

3 different markets are OK achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject

The buying and selling of different object can define a market, in the high level of market economy, each praedial right is OK intersected. It is OK that praedial market trades extend the meaning gives transaction, rent and REITs3 different child the market. Accordingly, what the business market that the building trades trades is property right, perhaps say droit. The object that the market that rent trades is use. What REITs market trades is earnings power.

Although have use and authority, earnings power to make 3 independent markets, but 3 person value is relied on is house property, accordingly buying and selling, rent and of REITs market move be not complete not relevant, this is meant put in the space that cover interest necessarily among them. Be like value 500 thousand yuan housing, hire of item the year before last year may be 40 thousand yuan, its yield is 8 % . Wait for the reason of each respect 5 years as a result of depreciation later, its year hire may have 30 thousand yuan only, in those days yield is 6 % . Also do not eliminate 5 years of course the following year hire is 50 thousand yuan, its yield is 10 % .
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