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Hire a room to encounter trap to remove service fee hard?
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Be a career and " float " the strange person hard to avoid that youth, body is in flourishing city encounters a few troubles when the building that rent. Hope victim Li Na (alias) the personal experience when renting a house, can provide a few reference to you.
Acceptance has a room to pay service fee first

Recently, the building that Li Na leases will expire, she sought for a long time through friend introduction and house property intermediary, did not find more appropriate room source all the time. Later, li Na searchs information in website of one estate intermediary: "Jade forest village an one-room flat, lunar hire 700 yuan " . "This house is pretty good. the intention accord with me. " Li Na says, she calls to enquired in the past then. A lady answer that professes to be called Lin Feng says: "You can go to this house at any time look, take a taxi now come over I sign up for market to expend to you, we 300 yuan service expends a collection, if you do not look,go up the house does not collect fees. If you do not look,go up the house does not collect fees..

See the other side says to get give an extravagantly colourful description, li Na appoints a place -- some estate information seeks advice from service ministry. Lin Feng says at this moment: "Hand in 300 yuan of services to expend ability to see a room first " . Li Na some are surprised: "See a house pay fee again. " Lin Feng says, "You see a room first, if dissatisfactory our exactly the amount returns service fee. " Li Na believes, handed in 300 yuan and signed on agreement. Li Na still lets Lin Feng make clear on agreement -- " if Party A place looks building and Party B,offerred room source nots agree with, return 300 yuan of money that Party A place makes. " subsequently Lin Feng takes her to see a room with respect to the clerk that allows this company.

Plead to cannot see house-owner for many times

Late that day at 6 o'clock, she reached jade forest village together with clerk Liu Mou. Liu Mou made a few telephone calls to house-owner early or late, say to her subsequently: "Really inopportune, house-owner Mr Liu returns the home that visits capital. " " Lin Feng says already with house-owner negotiate, just let you take me to see a room, did house-owner go how suddenly? " Li Na indissolubles the ground asks. "House-owner is occupied really came home, I was about to come off work, you and house-owner contact otherwise directly. " clerk Liu Mou hands subsequently Li Na writes the scrip that has house-owner news. Li Na negotiates half many hour with house-owner in the phone, but house-owner expresses to be answered really that evening do not go, can call again midday the following day only connection.

Morrow one big early, li Na dials the phone of house-owner and clerk to do not have echo for many times. She is contacted with Lin Feng again, forest let Li Na look for Liu Mou, liu Mou says to be being contacted with house-owner, she gives answer again after connection is good. After pleading repeatedly through a few days, one claims the Dong Mou of business department manager says, house-owner is not contacted went up, they can help Li Na lease the building with one proper place additionally, but no longer collection charge.
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