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The building rents demonstrative contract download
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This contract party
Rental square (Party A of the following abbreviation) :
Bear hire square (Party B of the following abbreviation) :

Basis " contract law of People's Republic of China " the regulation that reachs relevant law laws and regulations, both sides of armour, second is on equal, freewill foundation, rent the building Party B is used with respect to Party A, party B bear hire matters concerned of Party A building, to make clear bilateral right obligation, agree via talking things over, conclude this contract.
The first Party A makes sure place hack building accords with the national concerned regulation to leasing a building.
Of the 2nd building be located, area, decorate, establishment circumstance
1, Party A rents the building of Party B is located in (province, city) ______(area, county) _________ ; Doorplate date is.
2, rental building area in all ______ square metre (floor area / usable floor area / cover inside area) .
3, this building is existing decorate reach detailed of circumstance of establishment, equipment to see contract accessory.
This accessory is used according to Party B of consign of this contract agreement as Party A and Party B is rented in this contract expire reassign when this building check and accept a basis.
The 3rd Party A should provide house property evidence (or the valid proof that has rental right) , identification (business charter) wait for a file, party B should offer identification document. Can copy after bilateral test and verify file of the other side is put fully. All photocopy are offerred only this second rent use.
The 4th hires deadline, use
1, this building is rented period in all ___ month. From ___ year ___ comes since day of ___ month ___ year day of ___ month ___ stops.
2, acceptance of second direction Party A, rent this building to be used as _______ only.
3, rent expire, party A has authority to call in rental building, party B should as scheduled reassign.
Party B is like requirement relet, must be in rent expire a month before written announcement Party A, after classics Party A agrees, sign the contract that rent afresh.
The 5th hire reachs terms of payment
1, every months of hire is this building ________ yuan (____ of hundred of ____ of thousand of 10 thousand ____ picks up great ____ ____ yuan whole) .
Hire amount is ________ yuan (____ of hundred of ____ of thousand of 10 thousand ____ picks up great ____ ____ yuan whole) .
2, building rent terms of payment is as follows: __________________________________ .
The gathering evidence with significant Party B should be provided after Party A gathering.
During the 6th is rented, relevant charge reachs taxes
1, the cost that Party A agree carries:
(1) during renting, the property right duty of building and land is handed in lawfully by Party A. Item of expenditure was not listed to look in if produce a government,imposing this contract about the branch but the charge that concerns with this building, should by Party A burden.
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