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Doctor-patient departments of foreign trade Jixi Road, an area two
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Name of Road Safety Community Hospital inpatient Jixi trade two areas if the areas where an intermediary disintermediation Shushan
Property Address Security Hospital inpatient Unit 2 Room 1 Hall across from a Methodist
Property type public housing construction area of 60 ㎡ 60 ㎡ utility room
Structural change after the completion of mixing structure, the general level of 1995 renovation
5 floors where the floor price of 400 yuan total of six transactions
Facilities beds, tables, water heaters, washing machines, gas stove, water, electricity, gas, cable, broadband access with the pass over.
Contact Lee Phone Number 3982789 E-mail
Bus routes 119/162/1/115/30 ..........
Listing Description I have two rooms, one room with a balcony of my one woman to live, another large rooms (an area of about 18 Ping) Zhao rented!
In addition to single men and those with children, the demand for formal units of housemates! Social relations and simple, clean, no bad habits! Can also be two women, with the rent, the students first.
Two rooms are south, sunny room with a bed and table, cell and outward transport, shopping is very convenient, plot within the garage, very safe.
Can call to consult, text messaging is not back!

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