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The new garden will be the Federal
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The name of the new garden area will be the areas where the Federal District, whether the intermediary Baohe disintermediation
Property Address Century Sunshine Garden, Ma On Shan Road diagonally across from Unit 3 Room 2 Hall 1 Wei
Property Type an area of 104 m of commercial housing construction debris between 0 m
Structural frame after the completion of 05 high-grade decoration level
Floor 2 Floor trading price of 1,800 yuan total number of unknown
Color TV Refrigerator Air Conditioner Water Heater facilities bed sofa table furniture, smoke machine table
Contact Mr. Yao Tel 13695654370 E-mail
Bus Route Unknown
Listing describe the house beautiful! Good decoration! All solid wood flooring! Room good! ; Two rooms south ~ ~ homeowners a good speech

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